The Concert

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

7 p.m. Doors Open

8 p.m. Rock This Town Concert

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Free parking is available at the Cincinnati City-Gateway Garage. The garage is one block west of the Emery Theatre at 10 East Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The attendant will ask to see your ticket to recieve free parking.

The Emery Theatre

100 E. Central Parkway, 616, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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About The Emery Theatre

You can feel the energy when you walk through the space – hear the echoes from 100 years of musicians, dancers and performers who came before. Dormant for more than 10 years, The Emery bares the beautiful bones of one of Cincinnati's most historical treasures. The peeling paint, the plastic-covered seats – reminders of the energy and vitality that once sparked countless acts of creativity.

As a replica of New York's Carnegie Hall, and with an acoustically pure symphony space, The Emery is a rare jewel – an artistic hub for community and collaboration unlike any other in the region. We at The Requiem Project believe that the time to bring it all back to life is now. One sprawling stage, 1,600 seats, seven floors with space for studios and workshops. 119,439 square feet of artistic possibility.

Imagine a place where art moves in every room – from the expansive theatre to the parlors and studios – from the rooftop overlooking the city to the balconies overlooking the stage. Imagine a place where personal expression is a deeply held value – and where galleries and exhibitions connect and inspire the entire community.

Imagine a place with workshops and classes – where artists learn to hone their skills to add even more value in the workforce. And a range of performances that attracts a diverse audience, which in turn funnels more money, resources and investment into surrounding businesses and venues. We imagine that place. Art. Community. Expression.

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